Unlike universal lathes, here the speed control is infinitely variable through the use of a frequency inverter.

It is possible to provide a “Continuous cutting speed” (V-const), i.e. the cutting speed is maintained during a change in the turning diameter, thus achieving higher precision and smoothness of the surface. By customer’s wish the machines might be implemented, taking into account the linear displacement and positioning through installation of a digital indication.

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Standart machine specifications


Height of centersmm430
Swing over bedmm860
Swing over cross slidemm620
Swing in gapmm1050
Width of bedmm560
Distance between centersmm1500; 2000; 3000; 4000; 5000; 6000


Spindle nose DIN 55027No.11
Spindle boremm132
Spindle taperMetric140

Head stock

Number of spindle speedsInfinitely variable in 3 sub-ranges
Spindle speed rangesrpm7-42; 28-170; 165-1015
Main motor powerkW15


Number of feeds150
Longitudinal feed rangemm/rev0,039 -18
Cross feed rangemm/rev0,02 - 9


Number of threads76
Metric thread rangemm0,5 - 180
Inch thread rangeTpi60 - 1/6
Module thread rangeModule0,125 - 45
DP thread rangeDP240 - 2/3


Cross slide travelmm435
Top slide travelmm150

Tail stock

Quill diametermm105
Quill taperMorseNo.6
Quill travelmm225


For DBC 2000 mmkg4650

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