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Computer numerical control lathes are modern metal cutting machines, full of technological opportunities. They are suitable for processing parts with highly complex surfaces where the requirements for dimensional accuracy do not tolerate any deviation. These lathes are used in a variety of serial productions in the field of mechanical and automobile engineering, and many others, of course.

We offer two types of CNC machines: LT and LCC.

The CNC machines of LCC type can be implemented with C–axis motor driven turret. Their speed control is infinitely variable, while the machines of LT type are equipped with a headstock with 3 or 4 speed range changes where the switching between the speed ranges is done manually.

Usually, simpler systems are used for the main motor control. All modern CNC systems have built-in additional functions to implement simple cycles, and thus they are called cyclical controlled. Cyclical controlled lathes, just like all numerical machines, are characterized by great processing accuracy and high efficiency. They are designed in such a way that their service is easy and convenient – their processing and cycles are easily reached, without any serious knowledge of CNC system programming being required.

They are fully implemented in line with the customers’ requirements on CNC systems and the necessary equipment.

For the machine’s computer numerical control system, the client is allowed to choose among the latest versions of the systems of Fanuc, Siemens, Fagor, or Hiedenhein.

LT660 LT760 LT860 166 Kb 

ZMM Bulgaria Catalogue 3,03 Mb


CAPACITY Height of centers mm 330
  Swing over bed mm 660
  Swing over cross slide mm 420
  Width of bed mm 560
  Distance between centers mm 1410; 1910; 2910; 3910; 4910; 5910
SPINDLE Spindle nose DIN 55027 No 11
  Front bearing diameter mm 140
  Spindle bore mm 103
  Spindle taper Metric 120
HEAD STOCK Number of spindle speeds   3
  I - Range rpm  9 - 55
  II - Range rpm 37 - 220
  III - Range   220 - 1320
TRAVELS AND FEEDS Longitudinal feed (Z-axis) m/min 8 (max)
  Lateral feed (X-axis) m/min 8 (max)
  Rapid traverse (Z and X-axis)   8 (max)
  Cross slide maximum travel mm 430
BALL SCREW Z-axis mm 50 х 10
  X-axis mm 32 х 5
TAIL STOCK Quill diameter mm 105
  Quill travel mm 225
  Quill taper Morse 6
DRIVES Main drive power kW 15kW (AT160M4)
  Z-axis servo drive power kW/N.m 18 N.m (3,77kW) (1FK7100)
  X-axis servo drive power kW/N.m 11 N.m (2,29kW) (1FK7063)
  Spindle maximum torque N.m 2000
  Z-axis tow strength daN 1250
  X-axis tow strength daN 1050
TOOL HOLER Quick change type   MC
CNC SYSTEM     Siemens
WEIGHT For DBC 3000 mm kg 5700
CNC System and servo drives available also: Heidenhain; Fanuc; Fagor





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