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DY LogoPress release of ZMM Bulgaria in the electronic version of Direct Industry:


ZMM Bulgaria is one of the largest manufacturers of lathes in Europe. The company has successfully preserved and developed the best achievements in the long history of lathes production in Bulgaria. The organization of production, product development, investment policies and business activities are entirely oriented towards the full satisfaction of our customers.
Being a European manufacturer that sells its products in over 80 countries, our machines are designed in direct accordance with the harmonized standards and include all applicable requirements.
As a result, the product structure of ZMM Bulgaria includes a wide range of lathes, oil country lathes and CNC lathes with diameters of treatment up to 1410mm and lengths up to 10 meters with an optimal combination of price and quality.
Our machines comply with all current requirements for construction, design, production technology, and high quality materials. They have high technological, functional, and exploitation characteristics and reliability.

Technical advantages of our universal lathes:
- Heavy, monolithic, highly ribbed, and rigid bed casting made of strong gray cast-iron which reduces the vibrations when working.
- Wide, double prismatic, induction hardened and precisely grinded guide ways
- Built-in gap bridge which might be removed for processing large work pieces.

- The stable, properly ribbed and precisely processed headstock casting provides a non-vibrating and accurate operation while lathe process parts in high speed or during heavy duty machining regime.
- The gear wheels are made of induction hardened case-hardening steel and are precisely grinded.
- The spindle is hardened, precisely grinded and balanced; it has a great maximum size of the hole.
- The spindle bearing is realized with super precise bearings from SKF, FAG, NSK with the precision class P4 with implementing the preload of the bearing package. The bearing of our lathes is produced in arrangement that is practiced for CNC lathes and provides extremely high axial and radial stiffness, loading capacity, and precision of rotation and long operating span

- Mechanized feeding movements in both axes
- A built-in safety mechanism
- Possibility for quick movements in both axes

- It provides various feeding movements and steps for various threading – metric, inch, module, and DP threads
- Central and convenient control

- Mounted on the body guide ways
- Possibility for tightening at the desired place quickly and surely
- Possibility for cross-shifting when processing conical surfaces
- Possibility for mechanical moving of the heavy range lathes

ZMM reklamna st ENG new logo 497x350Picture legend:
1: grinded gears made of induction hardened case-hardening steel - sprindle bearings (Super Precision) with preload. High load capacity, rigidity and rotation accuracy
2: variety of feeding movements and threading
3: digital indication for movements and speed (rpm)
4: frequency variable speed control with a permannet cutting speed and a high spinning moment
5: monolithic ribbed bed casting with double prismatic, induction hardened and precisely grinded guide ways