LS 600 M cycle lathe

The gap between manual lathes, found in a toolroom and CNC turning centers and in a production plant is very wide. For this reason the manufacturers have created the semi-CNC, semi-automatic, teachable, hybrid and controlled cycle lathes. They  can be operated in a mode involving some level of electronic assistance. Many also can be operated in a strictly manual mode with the operator simply working the handwheels.

The level of electronic assistance found on these machines varies widely- from a level one step above a simple digital readout that gives the operator prompts, to a level one step below full CNC in which automatic operation does not require standard G-code program input.

Standart machine specifications


Height of centersmm300
Swing over bedmm600
Swing over cross slidemm400
Width of bedmm400
Distance between centersmm1000, 1500, 2000


Spindle nose DIN 55027No.8
Spindle boremm80
Spindle taperMetric80

Head stock

Number of spindle speedsInfinitely variable in 3 sub-ranges
Spindle variable speed sub-rangesrpm20 - 100, 80 - 400, 400 - 2000

Travels and feeds

Longitudinal feed (Z-axis)m/min8 (max)
Cross feed (X-axis)m/min8 (max)
Rapid traverse (Z and X-axis)8 (max)
Cross slide maximum travelmm290

Ball screw


Tail stock

Quill diametermm90
Quill taperMorseNo.5
Quill travelmm225


Main drive powerkW11 (15)
Z-axis servo drive powerkW/Nm3.5/22
X-axis servo drive powerkW/Nm1.75/11
Spindle maximum torqueNm120
Z-axis tow strengthdaN1250
X-axis tow strengthdaN1050

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